The Empty Throne

A Leng Way Home

While the party finds itself in Leng, Bors investigates the attack on Gustav’s vast fortress-estate, finding it totally destroyed. An eyewitness says that he saw a rock come down from the sky.

In Leng, the party finds their rope trick breaking down, and decides to follow the boat of the Denizens of Leng. Livia goes crazy. While traveling, they find a strange insubstantial Bors who dreamed himself here; upon being touched by Ivory, he fully materialized. They also met a masked worm that walks in an old monastery; he asked a series of strange questions, and in return answered some about SK, actually Skessarin, a great wyrm red dragon allied with the Denizens of Leng with plans to conquer and loot. They also eventually attacked the ship full of Leng dwellers, forcing some to escape and interrogating the rest.

A commune provided additional information, including that Livia killed the Queen of Carawel. They climb up the World’s Roof, and Ivory finds a strange worm that she believes is a gift from Nyarlotep, so she eats it and gains additional Lore. The party takes shelter in a cabin, but it’s haunted and wendigos attack, killing Astra before being dispatched.

Now Bors plans to bring Livia to justice for her crime.



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