The Empty Throne

Night of Long Arrows

After battling the creatures of the Dark Tapestry but before rescuing Fayne from Viminok torture, Bors and Livia met with two more foreign envoys to the new queen. Kadim of Sadiq wished to convince Carawel to help them against the forces of the Lady of the Wastes, a powerful cleric of Lamashtu and leader of a vast army of gnolls and monsters. Chammady Anafesto didn’t disclose her own diplomatic goals, but was curious about the queen’s mysterious background.

Astra and Ivory met with a group of powerful Carawel nobles concerned about the leadership of Queen Zelethe, fearing her dangerous and unbalanced. Zelethe emerged from a private audience, killing the messenger, and claimed that he was sent by the Lady of the Wastes and Lamashtu. She wasn’t offended by the idea of allying with the forces of a demon goddess, just the lowly status of the messenger.

That night, a commotion woke the PCs: Duchess Ironwall’s estate was under attack by an assassin. The PCs were able to quickly subdue the assassin…the doge’s daughter Chammady. Under private interrogation, she revealed she was hired by Dale Worldfoot to kill the son of the Duchess, actually a powerful rakshasa. Teaming up with Chammady, they returned and killed the rakshasa noble and a few of his rakshasa guards. Ondala was devastated when she learned that her son had been killed and replaced years before.

Dale Worldfoot showed up, in a fine mood. The group was shocked and impressed to learn that Dale had arranged for the assassination of all the rakshasas, everywhere. However, it was revealed that Jespar Ironwall had managed to send off a warning to the maharajah, warning him of Dale’s actions. Thus, it was likely that the leader of the foul race escaped.


Don’t mess with Dale.

Night of Long Arrows

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