The Empty Throne

Sadiq Nights

With no aid forthcoming from Zelethe, the PCs travelled to Sadiq by themselves, seeking to help Kadim and his people. While the sultan of Sadiq was initially overjoyed by their presence, he became disappointed when he realized it was just the three of them.

The PCs quickly proved him wrong once scorpion swarms started erupting in the city. They quickly dispersed them, and a commune revealed that it was the sign of a great monster breaking free. They travelled to the Temple of the Setting Sun, buried under the sand, and fought Pitahk’s right hand minion and stopped her from freeing the great beast. However, in the battle Ivory fell to dark magicks.

Ivory’s commune also revealed that Drak was the former High Imperator of Viminok, confirming Astra’s suspicions, that none of the Carawel nobility knowingly conspired with Viminok nor had active plans to overthrow Zelethe, and that the Queen was not in any sort of alliance with Pazuzu, nor was she directly furthering his plans. Furthermore, it was Roward who had studied the forbidden lore of the Dark Tapestry.



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