The Empty Throne

The Great Escape

The PCs continue their way deeper into the Sunless Prison, dispatching the guards and reaching the secret cell of the man they were sent to rescue. Their efforts were greatly delayed by the extreme security measures, but they eventually released him, a mercenary in poor shape and extreme confidence by the name of Drak.

However, the entire Citadel Demonfear was in high alert, and Drak informed the group that all of Viminok’s commanders would be waiting for them outside the Forbiddance. A bold plan was hatched, and the invisible, non-detected, wind walking group was able to make a quick escape and teleport away.

Drak was evasive about any personal details, but was able to deliver information that Dale found useful. He cast the miracle spell to free Princess Zelethe of Pazuzu’s possession. Unfortunately, the princess and heir proved to be untrusting, evil, and possibly insane, although her hatred of Pazuzu did seem sincere.

Despite some misgivings, she was the rightful heir and was soon crowned queen of Carawel. Zelethe bestowed knighthoods and rewards upon the group.



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