The Empty Throne

The King is Dead...

The King is Dead…Long Live…? The PCs attend the funeral of King Halmar, and noblemen wonder who will become the next king without any clear heir. Discussion is interrupted when demons appear upon the mention of the name Zelethe, the forgotten princess.

A powerful magic effect causes everyone to forget Zelethe, but PCs manage to undue the spell upon Sir Brighton and learn that she was given to Pazuzu as a child by the king. PCs also find evidence of a Pazuzu cult within Cliffwatch spreading disease and offering prayers Pazuzu as the cure. Cultists, demons, and daemons are defeated, as well as a possessed oracle who some recognize as Zelethe.

Zelethe is captured, but according to the pact she is still Pazuzu’s to possess.


“I’m a maggot. …That’s not even a riddle is it?”

The King is Dead...

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