The Empty Throne

The X Makes It Sound Cool

The son of the sultan plans to propose to Zelethe, assuming that is the reason she delays committing to an alliance with Sadiq. Zelethe is not happy when Ivory tells her of this. Zelethe also wants Livia to get the winning bid for the Sun Orchard Elixir coming to Carawel.

Three of the PCs receive mysterious letters from an unknown source, a “SK,” that claims to know damaging secrets about them. In exchange for not revealing them, this SK wants Carawel’s Sun Orchard Elixir to be stolen from Gustov’s agents and delivered to him. Although the PCs are hesitant to become thieves, they decide they don’t have much choice.

A plan is concocted, and Astra dominates the most likely winner of the Sun Orchard Elixir auction. She is then forced to enchant the merchant selling the elixir as well. After receiving the elixir from the winner, they put it in the river as requested, then track the elixir as it floats downstream. It ends up on a ship of strange-seeming robed humanoids wearing robes; the PCs sneak down to the ship, enchant a piece of the rigging to act as a rope trick, then stow away on board the small vessel.

The black ship proves capable of interplanar travel, however, and the group finds themselves in a strange place that Ivory identifies as the Plateau of Leng…



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