The Empty Throne

This is some rescue!

Leaving Livia behind, the group agrees to rescue Fayne from the palace at Viminok. They seek the aid of Drak, who agrees to accompany the PCs for his own reasons, and halfling freedom fighters, who stage a raid at the Viminok markets. They break into the palace, dividing into two groups.

Astra and Drak disguise themselves as Hellknights, and make their way to the High Imperator’s quarters without problems. There, they engage the High Imperator and, upon killing him, learn that the High Imperator is a man inside an iron golem. Drak reveals that he knew this was just a front, and that the true power in Viminok is the gnome Nobnik.

Ivory and Bors engage the guards at Fayne’s door, easily dispatching them but being crippled by a symbol of insanity, rendering Ivory permanently insane. Bors manages to fight off one of the devil golems guarding Fayne, and Drak and Astra teleport in to finish off the last. Their escape is delayed by Ivory’s insanity, but eventually they manage to run.

Drak explains that he was imprisoned by Nobnik because he learned the truth of his rule. Fayne, still angry at the PCs, is convinced to stay with Drak for revenge. There is no response from Viminok about the raid, except that the Viminok authorities were tipped off about the halfling raid and most were killed and captured. Drak is believed to be responsible for this.



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