The Empty Throne

Waiting For the Miracle That Wouldn't Come

Faced with a seemingly incurable possession of the Princess Zelethe, the group realized that the two ways to free her were the powerful magics of a wish or miracle, or dealing with Pazuzu. Not wanting to deal with Pazuzu or any other servant of darkness, the group sought out the help of either Astra’s powerful wizard ancestor, or Dale, the traveling cleric of Desna.

Seeking out Dale, they allayed his fears of a rakshasa trap and met with him. A deal was quickly worked out: in exchange for the miracle, the group would break into a Viminok prison and release the nameless prisoner held in the deepest, most secure cell so that Dale could interrogate him about the rakshasa conspiracy.

Posing as Lady Fayne’s bodyguards, the group secured chambers in the Viminok palace and quickly set about infiltrating the prison. Posing as a sister and her entourage, they bluffed their way through the first sets of guards until forced to fight by hostile wards. The deeper levels of the prison still waited, however.


When infiltrating the prison Bors was polymorphed into a mouse in order to avoid complications with his paladin aura.


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