Bors Holgate

Bors Holgate is a 42 year old human male with a muscular build standing 6' 2" tall. He has brown hair, green eyes, and several scars cover his body including one across the left side of his face. He speaks with a gravelly voice.


Bors Holgate is a member of a minor noble family in Carawel. He was raised near the border of Viminok and grew up in the tension prevalent in that region. He served as a young officer in the Carawel army before joining the church of Iomedae as a novice paladin. Bors truly came into his own during the war with Viminok.

Known for his fierce hatred (even among paladins) of all fiends, Bors swore a holy vow against the foul creatures and dedicated his efforts during the war to hunting down Viminok’s extraplanar allies. He earned renown during the battle of Sterling Pass when he single handedly slew the legendary Beast of Og. Aside from his combat abilities, Bors became known for his inspiring battle speeches that brought men weary from battle to victory. Bors was not satisfied with the end of the war but has continued to hunt fiends in vengeance for the death and destruction they caused. He especially yearns for the chance to fight Archlegate Arkonnin and his Cornugon.

After the war Bors aided Wellisarne Lastsword in building support for her new cathedral. He still responds to threats of fiends and is considering founding a special order of oath sworn paladins.

Bors still has two elder brothers who busy themselves with the family estate. He has no family of his own.

Bors Holgate

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