A terse, confident mercenary, rescued from Viminok. The former High Imperator.


Probably a Cavalier, Order of the Cockatrice.


Evasive about his past, Drak admits to being a mercenary from Viminok who fought in the Fourth War against Carawel. He made powerful enemies and trusted the wrong people, and ended up locked in the most secure cell in Demonfear Citadel.

He rode off to fight against Viminok and revenge himself upon his former captors. Killed the High Imperator figurehead, claims that Nobnik is the true ruler of Viminok. Joined up with Fayne.

Astra believes Drak to be the real High Imperator, imprisoned by Nobnik in a coup. This belief was confirmed by the use of a Commune, althoug his current position within Viminok is uncertain.


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