Livia D'Hoffran

Human Inquisitor of Calistria


Preacher Archetype/Conversion Inquisition

INIT +14

AC 30
19 Touch
24 Flatfooted

Fort 15
Ref 18
Will 19

HP: 115

CMB +13
CMD +36

Melee +13
Ranged +19


0th Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Detect Poison, Sift, Guidance

1st Divine Favor, Disguise Self, Expeditious Retreat, True Strike,
Remove Fear, Protection From Evil

2nd Delay Poison, Silence, Tongues, Darkness, Weapon Of Awe, Resist Energy

3rd Magic Circle, Nondetection, Dimensional Anchor, Dispel Magic, Heroism

4th Restoration, Greater Invisibility, Divine Power, Freedom of Movement

5th True Seeing, SR, Telepathic Bond

STR 14 (16)
DEX 20 (26)
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 14 (20)
CHA 10


Acrobatics 8
Bluff 22
Climb 6
Diplomacy 22
Heal 5
Intimidate 29
(Arcana) 4
(Dungeoneering) 4
(Nature) 4
(Planes) 4
(Religion) 8
Perception 22
Ride 8
Sense Motive 29
Stealth 25
Survival 11
Swim 6
Track 19


Point Blank Shot
Rapid Shot
Precise Shot
Weapon Focus (Longbow)
Deadly Aim


Livia was a priestess of Calistria at one of the many temples in Carawel. She caught the eye of the Order of the Wasp, a religious society dedicated to exacting vengeance on behalf of the faithful of Calistria, or those making an appropriate donation without a conflict of interest. After an incident with a client when badly for one of her fellow priestesses, she tracked him down, beat him senseless in his sleep, and dragged him back to the temple to apologize. She was then inducted to be a member of the Wasps, and eventually sent as an envoy to King Halmar in order to maintain the Church’s favor with the King and to have eyes and ears on the inside of the Carawel Royal Court. Livia eventually became mistress to King Halmar Strongkeep “after” the death of his Queen. Some suspect that she may have had a hand in the death of the Royal Family.

Livia D'Hoffran

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