Zelethe Strongkeep

The vanished princess, now heir to the throne.


Oracle, subject to the Wasting Curse.


No one seems capable of remembering her for more than a few minutes, until the PCs used a miracle to free her from the effects.

Taken by Pazuzu twelve years ago as a result of a demonic bargain to rid her of a childhood illness, recently resurfaced in the city of Cliffwatch leading a cult of Pazuzu. Captured and held within an antimagic cell, but released in time for her coronation.

She’s mistrustful, quick to offer violence, and eager for power. Zelethe blames both Pazuzu and her father for the tortures she’s endured, and has little faith in any god. She does seem to value the advice of the PCs and Sir Brighton, however.

Zelethe Strongkeep

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