Ivory of Sadiq

Ivory is an oracle struggling to understand and come to terms with the source of her powers.


Oracle 14
Mystery: Lore
Revelations: Arcane Archivist, Focused Trance, Lore Keeper, Sidestep Secret
Curse: Deaf

7: vision*, mass cure critical wounds, holy word
6: mass owl’s wisdom*, mass cure moderate wounds, heal, harm, blade barrier, wind walk
5: contact other plane*, mass cure light wounds, righteous might, flame strike, true seeing, breath of life, plane shift
4: legend lore*, cure critical wounds, divine power, greater magic weapon, restoration, divination, sending, death ward
3: locate object*, cure serious wounds, dispel magic, magic circle against evil, magic vestment, searing light, remove disease, prayer
2: tongues*, cure moderate wounds, sound burst, silence, resist energy, fog cloud, spear of purity
1: identify*, cure light wounds, divine favor, shield of faith, detect evil, obscuring mist

*mystery spells


Ivory was born the daughter of peasant farmers. How she gained access to a font of divine knowledge is unknown. Ivory has never commented on any of the numerous rumors, and it is unclear just how much she herself knows about the origin of her powers. What is clear is that the experience rendered Ivory completely deaf.

Unable to cope with their child’s gifts and corresponding disabilities, Ivory’s parents surrendered her to monks at a temple of Irori. Ivory, whose abilities came to her naturally with little effort, found the monk’s routines boring and tedious. She resented them for their disciplinarian methods, even if her powers grew under their guidance.

Eventually, Ivory fled the temple and found companionship with a wizard, a devotee of Nethys. The wizard claimed that it was the omniscient Nethys who granted Ivory her insights. Over time, it became clear that, much like Nethys, the wizard had a dark side. Ivory refused to aid the wizard in his schemes, and, with nowhere to go, she returned back to the Irori.

It was not long before she set out on her own. Ivory resolved that she would explore her powers under her own guidance, and that she would have sole discretion to determine the beneficiaries of her abilities.

Ivory of Sadiq

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